Embrace Your Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Fashion

At Orthodox, we believe in embracing the rich tapestry of cultural heritage while infusing it with contemporary fashion. Change is the only constant in the ever-evolving fashion world. While trends come and go, the possibility of staying true to our values, customs, and traditions becomes even more crucial. Our brand, Orthodox, is the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, reflecting our tagline, Heritage Reimagined. With us, you can hold onto your roots while embracing unconventional silhouettes, modern colour palettes, and the latest trends. We bridge the gap between tradition and modernism, creating a space where the synthesis of the two seems effortless, organic, and remarkable.

About Company

In the ever evolving world of fashion, Orthodox stands out as a brand that seamlessly blends the old and the new. Our designs incorporate traditional motifs and patterns, such as intricate embroidery, while presenting them in a fresh and modern way. Our aesthetic is sleek, minimalist, and sophisticated, appealing to the sensibilities of the modern woman. What sets us apart is not just our contemporary and stylish designs, but also the strong value system that underpins everything we create. We believe in embracing the past and setting our sights on the future without sacrificing authenticity and integrity. Orthodox is a name that every modern woman can relate to, offering a unique blend of tradition and modernism.


Orthodox is a brand that was founded by Aashna, a multi-talented designer in 2023. It specialises in contemporary luxury formalwear for women. The brand reimagines heritage and classic silhouettes and styles with a design language influenced by tradition but also inspired by new outlooks, exciting trends and unique perceptions.

Confidence in Every Layer | Luxurious Jackets, Flattering Tops, and Minimalist Bottoms

We offer an extensive range of luxurious formals like jackets and blazers that will layer you with confidence; tops in unique and flattering fits structured to keep you relaxed; sleek and minimalist bottoms designed to be worn on repeat; power dresses in diverse silhouettes to add an edge of effortless elegance; and accessories that will sum up your individual style with a culturally rich and contemporary impact. 


At Orthodox, we believe in fashion that blends the past with the present and provides a platform for progressive points of view. The outcome is luxurious formals for every day wear that is timeless, unique and stylish around the clock, 365 days a year. 

Redefine Your Elegance | Luxe Formals, Power Dresses, and Chic Accessories

Our collections are conceptual, creative and provides a canvas for expression. You will see traditional motifs intermingled with modern patterns, intricate embroidery done by hand rendered fresh and contemporary, classic colour palettes, unconventional silhouettes and exciting trends. The brand’s aesthetic is sleek and minimalist with clean lines and an understated elegance that appeals to the modern woman wants to feel confident effortlessly in the clothes she wears.